2018: New Year, New Goals, New Plan!

Happy 2018, everyone! I am excited to start the new year with new goals and a new plan. I spent the better half of 2017 trying to decide what to do with this site. And after months of not blogging, I have decided to revive my writing passion this year and find my voice in my blog.

At the start of every year, I like to make a list of goals for the year. Most people like to think of these as New Year’s Resolutions. I hate that. I always feel that resolutions set you up for failure. With goals, I find myself drawn to set up timelines for achieving goals as well as making spreadsheets to track my progress. (Yes, I really am that much of an nerd organizer when it comes to things I’m trying to accomplish. To start the year off, I’d like to share with everyone what my new year, new goals, and new plans for 2018.

New Year, New Goals, New Plans

New Year, New Goals, New Plan!

Health Goals:

  1. Strength train 3 days a week and a minimum of 2 days of cardio
  2. Start Keto again
  3. Meal Plan
  4. Stick to meal budget

Financial Goals:

  1. Increase my dividend revenue per year to $500
  2. Publish Ebooks and earn a steady monthly income

Writing Goals:

  1. Finish writing and publish first book by May 1
  2. Write, finish and publish second book by October 1
  3. Write, finish and publish third book by December 1
  4. Blog posts at least twice a week

Goals for C:

  1. Restart homeschool (reading, writing, map, fun projects)
  2. Keep improving speech and direction following
  3. Go outside more

Home Improvement Goals:

  1. Deep clean one section of home per week (kitchen/dining, living/bath, C’s room, master/office)
  2. Laundry every Monday/Tuesday
  3. Vacuum and Dust once or twice a week

Just for Fun Goals:

  1. Improve sewing skills (finish current project, master new patterns)
  2. Try new craft projects (knitting, wood art, etc)
  3. Read 1 book per month

And there you have it folks. The way I plan to tackle my new year, new goals, new plans! What goals have you set for yourself? Did you set any? Or are you struggling to find inspiration? Share with me, I’d love to know what you’re up to this year!

2 thoughts on “2018: New Year, New Goals, New Plan!

  1. These are great goals! I struggle to set goals because I always seem to have epic fails. I like this post with setting something more attainable.

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