5 Wishes I Have for My Son

The moment I found out I was pregnant, my mind started racing. First the panic set in. The panic settled and I shared this news with Mr. H. Then my mind switched into overdrive. What do I want for this child, what values do I want them to have, what can I do to ensure they are not part of the problems in this world but work towards a solution.

wishes I have for my son

There are many wishes I have for my son. I have narrowed it down to a simple list that I pray I can accomplish in the next sixteen years (and have already started in these first two.)

1. I wish for my son to be happy.

This seems like a simple concept. I know happiness is not always easy especially as we are learning rules and limits within our own household and society around us. We are in those terrible two stages where every no is met with a mild to crazy tantrum. But what I want for my son’s happiness is so much deeper than this. I want him to be able to do what he loves that keeps his heart happy even on the gray, miserable days.

wishes I have for my son

2. I wish for my son to feel love.

I want him to know love beyond what he receives from his father and myself. Our love for him is unconditional. I want him to know love from another person, his equal. He should know love from someone who considers him their equal, someone who appreciates who he is and will move mountains to make their relationship work. I want him to know what it means to give unconditional love to another (as I do for him.) There are no treasures greater than these loves. He deserves to feel them.

3. I wish for my son to know heartbreak.

On the other end of the spectrum is heartbreak. It may be unclear as to why this is something I wish for my son. I am a romantic, a dreamer. I truly believe that you cannot understand love fully without heartbreak. His heartbreak needs to be the kind you write an epic poem about. However, I believe he needs to understand how this pain can happen and what it means to overcome this.

4. I wish for my son to have the ability to try to achieve his dreams.

I don’t believe that everyone will get to fulfill their dreams. Sometimes life gets in the way and all the forces in the world will stop your dream. The important thing is the opportunity to try. I hope that I provide my son with every opportunity to chase any dream he has whether he succeeds or not. It is my belief that he deserves the chance to try.

wishes I have for my son

5. I wish for my son to be respectful.

Our world is heading to a terrible place. So many people feel entitled to everything. I see so many people choosing to go a violent route to deal with their problems. This is not the answer. I want my child to respect people, to choose alternate means to solve his problems. He needs to understand the rules and follow them. If more people respected each other and followed the rules, we would see less of the violent hate that keeps popping up in the news.

I want a good life for my child. I hope and pray that he becomes a part of the solution in making this world less scary to live in. It’s hard to change the world for him but I can only try to raise him to help make the change. These things I wish for my son.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this. #3 and #5 were my favorites. There is no doubt that your son will grow into an exceptional young man.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading them. Thank you for taking the time to read it. And I really do hope he turns out to be an exceptional man.

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