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Happy Friday! And happy almost Autumn. I love the season of Autumn. The weather finally starts to cool off and beautiful colors spring up everywhere. And pumpkins! Pumpkins are probably one of my favorite parts of fall. Pumpkins and sweatshirts.

This weeks list from 52 Lists is an Autumn Bucket List. There are so many fun things to do in Autumn. However, I am finding this list to be a little difficult to complete as I don’t generally think of things that I want to do at the correct time of year. (I’m a bit scatterbrained when it comes to things like that!)

But we’ll try anyway!

Autumn Bucket List


Bake my first apple pie. Yes, first. I have never made an apple pie. Actually, I don’t even like apple pie. (Don’t hate me!) But Mr. H does and I love the way they look. So I think it’s time to finally get down to it and make one.

Pumpkin picking with C. I intended to take him to the local pumpkin patch last year, but we didn’t end up making the trip for lots of little reasons that all seem silly now. I want to take him this year and have him pick out his first pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving and seed toasting. I have never actually carved my own pumpkin before either. (I feel like a total Autumn blasphemer here.) But I do believe this will be a fun tradition to start with C. And who doesn’t love freshly roasted pumpkin seeds??? Yum!

Hayride. I’d like to take C on a hayride. I probably could have included this with pumpkin picking as I believe they do them at the same place we’ll go to pick pumpkins. But if not, I will try to track one down!

Thomas and Percy. This is an easy one as we already have our tickets and hotel booked to go enjoy Day out with Thomas. And as a bonus we also get to see Percy! Can’t wait to take C to see two of his favorite trains and Sir Topham Hatt.

S’mores. I don’t need a full bonfire, but I would love to get C outside to make his first s’mores. I love s’mores. And nothing quite says the start of fall like going outside and roasting a marshmallow, even if I have to use just our grill.

Fixing the backyard patio. I’d love if Mr. H and I could finish getting our little backyard patio fixed up so we can move our grill back there. I’d love to be able to make it a little hangout/cookout spot for us as well. (And hey, it’ll make s’mores that much better too!)

Reading. Lots and lots of reading. Cooler weather makes for good reading time. And I have a giant pile of books to read from thrifting. (Yay cheap books!)

Writing. I have finally gotten on track with my writing. Cooler weather is not only good for reading but writing as well. I am back on track to accomplish other goals for the year as well.

Creative Halloween costume. Mr. H and I love Halloween. And I love dressing up C. His first Halloween, I made him a set of red dog ears and a red tail to red fleeced onesie (footsie onesie.) He was Clifford, the puppy years. And last year he was a scarecrow. He hasn’t expressed interest in Halloween yet for picking his own costume, but I’d like to make another creative attempt like with the Clifford costume.

Well, I said this list was hard to make, but it feels more like a to-do list than a bucket list. To each their own! Link up and join in the fun by following the link below!

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List – 52 Lists

  1. Sounds like a great list! I can’t believe you’ve never made an apple pie or carved a pumpkin before… though I can’t stand carving pumpkins. The smell is just too much for me.

    1. I haven’t been much of a baker most of my life and only recently tried making pies (only pumpkin so far.) And I have seen plenty of other people carve pumpkins, but never taken it into my own hands. No time like the present!

  2. I also don’t care for apple pie! The only pies I really go after are chocolate pies. Pies are fun to make, and I do end up eating a slice, but I really only do it for hubby and the kids. I’m more of a cake person.

    I can’t wait to hear how your Thomas the Train adventure goes. I’d like to take the boys before they get too old for it.

    1. Chocolate pies sound delicious. And when I finally make my apple pie, it may be the only time I really eat it as well.

      I will definitely be posting about our Thomas outing. Counting down the days!

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