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At the beginning of the year, I always set out many goals for myself. They’re usually a set of short term goals that lead to a much bigger picture filled with much bigger goals and dreams. Fortunately, this week’s list is Your Current and Future Dreams and Goals.

I already outlined my current goals in a previous post (see here.) But I want to take this to a broader spectrum to include the near and distant future.

Current and Future Dreams and Goals

Your Current and Future Dreams and Goals

  • Improve health: Exercise regularly and eat healthier choices with better portions. I want to be an example for my child, for him to want to want to make the same good choices as he grows up.
  • Make a home: It is my dream to finally own a home and make it the place my family wants to be (especially where I want to be.) I have dreams of extra space, a nice yard, and comfort.
  • Travel: I love going new places and exploring new things. I didn’t get to travel much as a child, but I have a goal to make it to all 50 states some day. And if I get to share that with my family? Even better!
  • Write More: I have always loved writing. I have several projects and ideas started and stored in my head. My passion is bubbling inside, but the motivation falls away a lot. Especially after a difficult day with a super cute little four year old. My goal is to get these ideas written, edited, and published (even if it’s only me self-publishing them.)
  • Happiness and Joy: Live life with happiness and joy. It’s so easy, especially on difficult days, to give in to all the negative. But I want to live my life with more happiness and joy. And I truly think the key to that is shutting out negativity and pushing through my dreams and goals.

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