Day out with Thomas (And Percy!)

Every mom of a 2-4 year old boy has gone through the “Oh my gosh, I love Thomas soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much” phase. Fortunately, the kind people of the railways have created an event to appease the young Thomas super-fans (and even the not so super-fans) with Day out with Thomas.

My original idea was to go in June to this event when it was located in Boone and also take advantage of all the Tweetsie Railroad adventures too. However, when I looked into, it was about two weeks until the event and that seemed a little too fast to get vacation ready. So I put it on pause.

After visiting my mom in July and the success we had riding the train at Stone Mountain, I decided to look into trying the Day out with Thomas again. Fortunately, they were going to be in NC again but this time in Spencer at the Transportation Museum. AND! As an added bonus, Percy would be there as well! (Unlike the date in June.)

Ok, perfect. I asked Mr. H if we had it in our budget to take a little vacation and got the ok. I booked our Thomas and Percy tickets and found a motel not too far away for super cheap. (More on the hotel in my next post.) The excitement had been growing since the purchase was made and I couldn’t wait to see C’s reaction to Thomas, Percy, and Sir Topham Hatt.

The NC Transportation Museum is incredibly easy to find, thankfully. Parking is free, yay! I love places with free parking.


Check in was a little confusing as it wasn’t clearly marked but we were able to figure it out by asking. (The place we stopped to ask happened to be a check in spot!) We happened to be by Percy when we walked toward the fun so we stopped to try and get a picture.


Day out with Thomas

C loved seeing Percy until I stood him on the box to get a picture. He completely panicked on me, even with me standing behind him and trying to get him to smile. He wanted nothing to do with Percy after that. So we explored the rest of the museum and what they had set up for Thomas. (We also happened to pass by Thomas at this time.)

We walked the length of the main attraction area and stopped to play at some train tables that were set up as well as a sand pit. C had tons of fun in this area. We couldn’t walk by it without him stopping to get in the sand pit. Fortunately, it was under a canopy and kept the area shaded.

Day out with Thomas


Day out with Thomas

We attempted a picture with Sir Topham Hatt. C enjoyd seeing Sir Topham Hatt until we got up close to get our picture taken. Then he wanted nothing to do with him. After Sir Topham Hatt, it was time for us take our Percy caboose ride.

Percy was hooked up to one passenger car and several caboose cars. Each caboose car had special seating raised up (a cupola) for an extra special view. We weren’t able to sit in one of those seats, but still enjoyed the ride. One of the conductors sat on our train and talked about what it meant when the horn sounded so many times. (One for stop, two for forward, and three for reverse.)

Day out with Thomas

C didn’t like being in line next to Percy after the picture fiasco, but he calmed down when he realized we weren’t going next to Percy. The train ride lasted about twenty minutes and included going forward and in reverse.

After our Percy ride, we had about two hours to kill before our Thomas ride. We spent a lot of time wandering across the entire area. C discovered a fire truck (he loves his toy fire trucks) to explore and had fun with that. He also loved wandering around the Imagination Station and playing with all the different trains.

Day out with Thomas


We took a break for a snack and C enjoyed his first funnel cake. I wanted to do that at Stone Mountain but it was closed. They had your basic outdoor food available from different vendors: hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dogs, french fries, etc. A couple of vendors were also kind enough to have a special kids option of PB&J. However, the food is incredibly expensive. I would highly recommend bringing your picnic lunch or snacks to enjoy while visiting.


Day out with Thomas

Finally, it was time to ride Thomas. Thomas was hooked up to several passenger cars. (A note about Percy caboose cars, they are not air conditioned.) These were very comfortable with cushioned seats and air conditioned cars. While on the train, all the kids got a little certificate stating they were now Junior Engineers.

Day out with Thomas

Thomas and Percy actually took the same route for the ride. So if you end up riding both trains at this location, sit on the left on one train and the right on the other to get a slightly different view. Was it worth it, going the same route twice? If you have a train lover, yes. Ah, even if you don’t, it’s worth it.


This was a fun trip. And totally worth it. (I know it seems expensive, but it’s a lot of fun!) I would do Day out with Thomas again in a heart beat. Although, I would prefer to do one with another train as well (not Thomas alone) if the option is available. It’s worth the trip. And although I point it out as a thing for boy moms, girls will enjoy this just as much. (I saw so many little girls there having just as much fun as the boys… even little girls with no brothers.)

Day out with Thomas

If you get the opportunity, you should definitely make the trip. If you’re in NC, I highly recommend going when it’s at the Transportation Museum. They do have other parts of the museum open for you to look at as well (for those that prefer other types of transportation.) I took way too many pictures during this event and tried to narrow it down to the best ones for this post.

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