Family History Project

Just over seven years ago, I received a message from someone on Facebook. It was a man looking to find a half sister he had never met. I received a message because my name matched the name he knew for his half sister.

I knew I had a half brother who was a bit older than me from my dad’s first marriage. When I received this message on Facebook, I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom and got some advice from her. She gave me three big questions to ask to help discover if we were actually related or not.

Family History Project

Needless to say, I turned out to be the half sister he was looking for. This happened just before his birthday and turned into a great birthday present for him. I have always wanted a sibling and I’m sad I didn’t get to have one near me while I was growing up. However, as adults, I think we have a great relationship and help each other often in the struggles of life and parenting.


In all the fun that comes with learning about your own family, questions about family history start to come up. Especially when you find out that there is a question on paternity for the man who was listed as the father of your father. Neither of us knew what to think about this and started questioning just about everything.

Family History Project

After seeing some of the cool stuff a friend had found through, I decided to give the free trial a whirl. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough information to get us any kind of clear answer. Only lots of possibilities.

So after that, we took the plunge and upped to a six month world membership. And I decided to take the plunge and get the DNA test in hopes that it would link me to someone where I could get some definitely answers.

Family History Project

It was exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I received the package for the saliva sample, filled the jar quickly, and sent it out the next day. Then it was the big waiting game. I checked the page every day to see the progress of my test.


When the results came in, I wasn’t surprised by the ethnicity information (save for a couple of random trace ethnicities.) Unfortunately, the people I have been matched with as far as second cousins don’t give me an answer that would 100% satisfy the questions we had.

Family History Project

And now I’ve been on the long road of trying to fill out family trees to see if I can get any better answers. Now, it’s just a time game. Waiting and hoping. Either way, this was a fun experience and gave me a little better answer than I had before trying any of this. Not to mention, some of these old documents are really cool to look at (like draft cards and death certificates.)

2 thoughts on “Family History Project

  1. I don’t think I need to get into why I love this post! I am glad that you are able to find out more about your family. More answers will come as you get more matches with the DNA. I wouldn’t worry about the trace ethnicities, as most often they’re considered “noise”.

    I am a little surprised that you didn’t end up with more Scandinavian, considering the origins of your great-grandmother’s family. I also didn’t know you had Italian/Greek ancestry. Very cool!

    1. I’m not worried about trace ethnicities. And I’m also not surprised by the lack of Scandinavian. I know my mom’s side of the family is British/Welsh. That plus the British from my dad’s side makes it the strong point.

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