February Foto Challenge: Day 1

If you search around the internet you can find tons of fun challenges out there. One of my favorites is the 365 photos, one for every day of the year. I am taking inspiration from this to do a February Foto Challenge where I take a picture and post it every day.

The photos will appear in a new post every day on my site and I will also upload them to my Instagram. And for funsies (because alliteration is fun!) I opted for the alternate spelling of Photo.

As my life is primarily centered around my child, most of these photos will include him. He is just so darn cute that it’s hard not to take pictures of him.

For Day 1 of the February Foto Challenge, I bring you two fotos of little C.

February Foto Challenge: Day 1

We have been exploring the world around us with our binoculars we got at Christmas. He has thoroughly enjoyed telling me everything he sees through the binoculars. In this picture, he is watching Thomas while I enjoying the last bit of his lunch (Granny Smith apples!)

February Foto Challenge: Day 1

And for some reason, even at three years old, we still find a need to bite all of our toys and books. The binoculars are no exception.

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