February Goals Update

I started this last month with a progress update on my goals for the year. And to keep myself honest and on track (or get back on track) I have to post again. So here is my February Goals Update.

This post is happening a little later than I’d like, but I had other posts I really needed to push out first. So please forgive me for that. And let’s get right on to the update.

February Goals Update

February Goals Update

  1. Diet: I tried and tried to start over and over. But I was weak in February and basically failed. A lot. March, get ready because we’re going again!
  2. Exercise: Basically non-existent. Every time I get going and find a good routine, I get sick and just can’t work out. (I’m not talking work through the pain get sick, like hacking up a lung and can’t breathe get sick.) So instead of passing on germs and passing out at the gym, I’ve just stayed away for now. But lookout March, we’re getting ready to make another start!
  3. Meal Budget: Failing my diet in February also led to me failing my grocery budget. I stopped tracking like I normally do and just really let myself down for the month of February on this.
  4. Dividend Income Increase: I haven’t done anything yet to increase my dividend income. But I am in the planning stages of getting things out there to make this work.
  5. Blog Consistency: Well, those of you that follow my blog know that February was incredibly…. quiet. And really not consistent. But now that my roadblock has been broken (as you can see by this last week of posts), I am back in it to win it!
  6. Start New Book: I started outlining the first chapter and promptly lost all motivation for it. What can I say, my February motivation did not exist.
  7. Housekeeping: I kept up with most of it. The last week or so, however, I did not get all the deep cleaning done that I had originally planned. But I’m not going to count this one as a total failure and mostly as a success (because hey, I need one to stay motivated!) I did manage to get one big cleaning project done this month: cleaning out and reorganizing an EXTREMELY messy closet.
  8. Sewing: I still have not made any progress on either of my sewing goals which has me very behind now. Still plenty of time to make improvements here, though. It’s only March now!
  9. Reading: I still haven’t read any books this year. No wait. I forgot, I did finally read Bunnicula. No, I never did read it as a child although I was familiar with the book. But I finally took an hour (kids are great at slowing down reading) and made it through this classic from my childhood.
  10. Homeschool: I have decided not to do much in this area other than just various activities on non-preschool days. But look for some homeschool things and posts come summer when this will turn into a full-time thing for us!

Overall Results?

Eh, I’d say this month was mostly a failure. Maybe a 10% success rate? But it’s ok. Goals are not easy to reach. And they wouldn’t be worth having it they didn’t require some effort. I’m ready to put this loss behind me and start fresh with this month, which is already off to a great start!

4 thoughts on “February Goals Update

  1. I don’t think you failed… life just has twists and turns and some months are better than others. At least you are holding up accountability to yourself with a positive outlook. Have fun this month!

    1. Aw, thank you! That’s a very nice way to look at it. I’m trying to look at the “failure” as a way to learn to do better in the future!

  2. I love reading about other people’s goals! Congrats on accomplishing your cleaning goal; that’s about all I got done this month too. I cleaned everything out of the basement so that I could have the carpet cleaners come get rid of the funky smell down there. I didn’t get a lot of other things done that I wanted to, but luckily there’s a new month to try again. Good luck on your goals in March!

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