Fourth of July Onesie

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My Pinsperation for this week is not a recipe. I remembered pinning something that looked just adorable. I decided that I NEEDED to do something like it for my little bundle of joy. It also happens that he will be sixth months old ON July 4th. So it all just timed out perfectly. Thank you Pinterest for giving me a special craft to enjoy for my son.

Fourth of July Onesie


  • Plain white onesie
  • Red fabric paint
  • Blue fabric paint
  • Small piece of cardboard.
  • Paint bush (optional)
  • Baby hand/foot (optional)


  1. Place cardboard inside onesie to prevent paint bleeding through.
  2. Place baby’s hand/foot in blue paint. Place on onesie. Wash baby’s hand/foot before you have a whopping big mess.
  3. Paint red stripes to complete flag.
  4. Let dry.

Obviously, I did not follow the original instructions. I didn’t want to mess with getting my 6 month old to keep his hand open long enough to make a hand print or to get him to stop kicking long enough to make the foot print. And because he is turning 6 months old on July 4th, I figured I could just use that for his blue section.

I counted out the exact number of stripes that would be needed to make an “accurate” American flag and planned where they should fall in relation to the words “6 Months”. And just for fun, I decided to add the proverbial “My 1st Fourth” statement to the onesie. You know… because all those precious baby clothes celebrate baby’s first EVERYthing!

This was fun to do. I’m not super crafty, so I kept it simple enough that I didn’t need baby’s hand/foot or paint brushes. The tubes of paint I bought had a skinny opening which made it easier to use them to write, as long as I kept the movements simple. I’m glad I decided to take my own direction with the design and I think it turned out to be simply adorable. Fortunately, I had received a plain white onesie in a group of clothes from other people. I can’t remember if this one was a hand-me-down or a new one that came as a gift. Either way… money saved!

 Rating: 9/10

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