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Back in for a link up with 52 Lists. This week focusing on Gratitude Lists. I find this incredibly appropriate in this part of the year. Thankfulness is always heavy on my heart at this time. If you follow my Twitter or Facebook Page, you already know that I am doing a 30 Days of Thanks posting series.

But I wanted to take the time to step out into a grander view of thankfulness and concentrate on some of the bigger things to connect back up this week.

Gratitude Lists

Gratitude Lists

FAMILY: I am thankful for all my family. From my son, to my boyfriend, to my mom, my brother and his wife and kids, my boyfriend’s parents, his sister and her husband and kids. To my grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and to my cousins and their spouses and kids (and grandkid!)

LOVE: Without love, I wouldn’t have made it to be the person I am. My mother loved me and gave me everything she could to teach me to go a good, hard-working, loving individual. And love brought me the best man in the world that I love sharing the crazy journey of life with. Our love brought our son and that may be the greatest of them all.

RESPECT: Respect is so important and so often forgotten, especially in this time following the results of the election. I wish more people would take two seconds to respect the people around them before acting and/or opening their mouths.

BLOGGING: Blogging has been a great outlet for me to share my thoughts and trials and errors. I am truly thankful for being able to create and maintain this site. And I am even more thankful to all who visit and those who continue to return for my new posts!

THANKSGIVING: I am thankful for this season of Thanksgiving, not just the one Thursday in November when we celebrate with a large meal. It helps reset my mind to focus on the big and little things of life just in time for a new year.

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  1. I love the thankfulness of the season too and always do some sort of 30 day challenge; whether it’s photos or words. Just something to remember all the ways we are blessed.

    1. Thank you! I really wanted to participate without it overlapping my 30 Days of Thanks project. And I love that you’re doing that on your blog too!

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