Happy Golden Birthday!

Happy Golden Birthday

January 4th is one of my favorite days of the year. Four years ago, a special little boy made me a mama and it was one of the best days of my life. Fast forward back to today and we are celebrating his birthday. Happy Golden Birthday, my not so little boy!

Happy Golden Birthday, C!

Happy Golden Birthday

I’ve been basically in awe for the last week, marveling that I’ve managed to keep my tiny human alive, happy, and healthy for four years. Some days are really hard, but mostly it’s a true joy getting to enjoy every day with my son.

Birthday Traditions

We have a few birthday traditions that we like to keep up. (Oh, let’s be fair, that I like to keep up. I don’t think the boys notice or care about most of my traditions for the birthdays!) The first is homemade cake. I love making birthday cakes from scratch and I think they just add a little extra touch of love to the day. The birthday boy also gets to choose his favorite meal to eat on his birthday. For the first three birthdays, I just made his favorite food. This year, unfortunately, we’ll have to postpone the special meal because of the snow!

I also take at least two certain pictures: a wake up picture and a picture at his time of birth. Every year I update my collage of birth time pictures to see the progress of how much he’s grown. This year is extra special because it’s my little man’s golden birthday. He’s four years old on the fourth. How awesome! I had a big plan for celebrating his birthday with some of his favorite things. But we happen to live in the path of Winter Storm Grayson and are “snowed in”.

Snowy Birthday???

Happy Golden Birthday

You might think it silly to say snowed in, but down in the South, it only takes a little snow to stop the world around us from going on like any other day. Despite not being able to go out for little man’s birthday, I’m excited that he finally has some fluffy snow to play in. (The last few years it’s been snow covered in ice and not fun to play with!)

We still get to have cake today (well, C does) and I still get my pictures. But the rest of our celebrating will have to wait till the snow clears out. What are some of your favorite birthday traditions?

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