Happy Thanksgiving

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Pictures edited to add my trademark.

Thanks to my current job, Mr. H and I were unable to make our usual travel plans down to visit his family and celebrate with them. So… I ended up cooking my very first Turkey Day meal… EVER. Was I scared? Yes. Was I excited? Yes. Are you ready to see the results? Of course you are.

It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I spent a couple hours perfecting my timing yesterday for making this so it would all come out at the same time and still be warm! Here are the recipes (mostly links) for what you see on the plate:

Stuck in the rotisserie for ~2 hours. We only had a 5.5 lb turkey with no legs.

Parker House rolls. Recipe came from the bag.

Green Bean Casserole:
Everyone’s favorite French’s standard recipe.

Macaroni and Cheese:
Found this one through Foodgawker one day and just held on to it.

Mashed Potatoes:
Simplest recipe ever.

Stove Top straight from the box, yum. Just follow what the box says.

Thank you instructional videos. (scroll below and select the one for turkey gravy)

Pumpkin Pie:
You just can’t have Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie. I also hand whipped the whipped cream and added a little vanilla and powdered sugar for some extra flavor.

Pumpkin Pie with homemade whipped cream!

And now for some lessons I learned:

  1. Measure the space you have to cook the turkey in.
  2. Don’t wait till the week of Thanksgiving to buy a turkey. Settling for the one you can find isn’t so fun.
  3. Thaw out the green beans for green bean casserole.
  4. Buy more French Fried Onions. Green bean casserole is better with more crisps.
  5. More cheese for Mac N Cheese is awesome.
  6. Make the pie the night before so all you have to do is whip the cream and eat when you’re ready for dessert. Or make it before you make the rest of the meal.
  7. Hand whipping whipped cream is painful but awesome when it peaks.
  8. Cooking Turkey Day for two isn’t so bad when you have all these leftovers for the next few days.


I hope all the rest of you Americans enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I did this year. Who knows when the next time I’ll get to cook all this again will be. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can return to our traditions, but maybe I can offer up more help now that I have some experience!)