Let’s Grow a Garden!

Let's Grow a Garden!

Spring is here in the South! April brings the showers and May brings us flowers. Or at least, that’s what they say. For me, Spring officially starts after Easter because that means no more snow. (Knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc., etc.) We have been working hard this week getting some things in order for our family to do outside. It is Spring, so let’s grow a garden!

Let's Grow a Garden
Tomatoes ready for transplanting.

What kind of garden are you planting?

We actually have multiple parts to our garden. Each part is primarily taken care of by different parts of our family. Garden 1 is Mr. H’s container garden. Garden 2 is my raised bed garden that C helps me with. And Garden 3 is our YOLO garden. Number 3 basically consists of excess plants that were germinated but we just didn’t have space for in the containers.

Let's Grow a Garden
The beans that did not survive.

What’s growing?

Garden 1:

Let's Grow a Garden
Containers ready for planting.

Mr. H is only growing a couple of things this year. We have two types of tomatoes (Rutgers and Delicious) as well as Banana Peppers. The peppers could possibly be Jalapeño as well. We lost track of our labeling system during one of the transplants and so it’s really just a guessing game until they start producing. There was a plan to plant grow bush beans as well. They did not survive being transplanted from the seed tray into their cups, so they have been abandoned this year. And there was also a plan for Pablano peppers, but we had a tragic accident that resulted in baked Pablano pepper seeds. Tomatoes are a new adventure, and we’re looking forward to see what kind of yield we get from them this year.

Let's Grow a Garden
Seedlings growing strong until they are ready to be transplanted.

Garden 2:

I honestly haven’t done much planning for my raised bed yet. The only thing I know for sure going into my garden is pumpkins. I think I’ll also plant some aloe again and the rest may just be colorful flowers. It’ll be fun for Clark to look at and see the evolution of flowers. And this year, I’ll also work to keep the garden fully taken care of in the winter months to see what may come back next year.

Let's Grow a Garden!
Randomly growing Cilantro (maybe Parsley? maybe both?)

We also have a birdhouse to paint and put up near our garden. I’m excited to see what will happen with that and how the birds will help keep some of the bugs away!

Garden 3:

Let's Grow a Garden!
Extra tomato plants stuck in the ground. Maybe they’ll live?!

This garden basically consists of extra tomato and pepper plants. I also include our semi-wild Cilantro plants that came back this year. In an attempt to see what happened with some bad-fairing seedlings last year, Mr. H dumped a bunch of random seeds in a hole in the ground. Surprisingly, we ended up with a few herb plants. They died off and have come back again this year. As far as I can tell they are Cilantro. Although they could easily be some weird cross of Cilantro and Parsley.

Let’s Grow a Garden!

So that’s our garden for this year. It’s not full of anything crazy and not really much variety. But we have our containers, we’ll soon have a raised bed, and some in the ground to see what happens. Last year we had a lot of fun with our pepper plants. (I actually still have a gallon bag in the freezer nearly 3/4 full of chopped peppers that we harvested last year.) If our tomatoes are successful, I’m going to have to take up canning for a new hobby! And that is something to look forward to as well. Canned tomatoes, sauces. Yum!

Let's Grow a Garden!
C helping mix the dirt.

C also loves helping with the gardening. It’s been a fun family activity. C has helped with shoveling, planting, and watering. And he may have enjoyed several breaks to go play in his sandbox or swing on the swing set. We still have plenty to do to finish our planting, but we’re all anxious to see what’s going to happen over the next several months. (And yes, I will be posting updates!)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Grow a Garden!

  1. Wow! Look at all that garden goodness! I haven’t even thought about a garden this year. I’m thinking it won’t happen because I need to keep my energy levels for other things right now. I’m sure you will enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

    1. We are excited to see what survives the transplant process. Fortunately, the only garden left to put together will be simple. Just colorful flowers for my son to help with.

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