Life’s Trials That Made Me Better – 52 Lists

I couldn’t decide on a regular post to fill my Wednesday post and decided to wait to see what list would come up on this week’s 52 lists. (See my first list post here.) And then, bam! the list goes up and smacks me in the face. “Life’s Trials That Made Me Better” was not a topic I was expecting to see.

It wasn’t a shock because of the trials I’ve experience. It hit me hard because I don’t generally share some trials I’ve had in my life. And yes, I realize I don’t have to share them here, but I wasn’t exactly expecting to think about them now either.

Thinking about the hard times in your life is an easy to way to bring yourself down. However, I find it is important to remember that you wouldn’t be the person you are today without each and every one of these trials. And for each trial you have been through, something amazing has come along to make up for it.

  • Deadbeat dad: My parents divorced when I was two and my dad came in and out of my life for several years before finally disappearing from my life. This taught me to teach my son to do better in his life and to expect better of any man that is a part of my life. (Don’t worry, Mr. H is a perfect gentleman.)
  • Death of great uncle and grandfather: My grandfather was one of my only male role models in my life. He and my great uncle also are responsible for starting me down the path to playing several instruments. It was devastating to lose them, but everything they did for me helped me get to college and beyond. They were incredible men.
  • Finding out I had a brother: My father was married before marrying my mother and had a son with his first wife. I didn’t find this out until I was many years older. I always wanted a brother and it totally rocked my world that I wasn’t exactly an only child. And thanks to finding this out, I have been able to meet my half-brother and develop a healthy relationship with him.
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8 thoughts on “Life’s Trials That Made Me Better – 52 Lists

  1. Visiting you via the 52 lists linkup!

    God will use your experiences for His glory! You have such an upbeat attitude!

  2. This was a challenging list but with a purpose to allow us to see how sometimes those hard times made us who we are today. How exciting to meet your brother 🙂 and learn to raise your son differently. I’m sorry for your losses.

  3. Your son is very fortunate to have you both. It is nice to see you all enjoy a stable and happy family life together. I have no doubt that your son will grow into a fine young man.

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