March Goals Update

It’s that time again. March is gone and that means it’s time for an update on this year’s goals. I’m in the process of changing some of my goals for the year and I’ll post updates/changes/notifications for those below. So let’s just jump right in with the March Goals Update.

March Goals Update

March Goals Update

  1. Diet: There were a lot of starts and stops again. However, the last couple of weeks, I basically got my act together and managed to lose a few pounds.
  2. Exercise: Still non-existent. But Mr. H and I have started a new reward system for each other to motivate us to both stick to our diet and exercise plans. (Plus, all the yucky colds and flu and what not seem to be gone, so I’m ready to get back in there!)
  3. Meal Budget: No problems! Even with ignoring some of my menu planning, I was able to stick to my grocery budget without going over. (I basically know what things cost that I’m buying so I know about where I am in my weekly budget when I shop now.)
  4. Dividend Income Increase: Hasn’t changed yet. Although, with this new diet/exercise motivation, that may change in the near future!
  5. Blog Consistency: Ok, I’m not totally consistent. I tend to post in spurts right now. I’m working on this still. So I consider partial credit for this one.
  6. Start New Book: This goal is changing. Look for a different status here next month.
  7. Housekeeping: I have mostly kept up with this. There’s a few areas that are a little less than desirable. But it’s been a lot of progress for me.
  8. Sewing: I need to change my goal for this and actually work on it.
  9. Reading: Something I still need to really work on making time for.
  10. Homeschool: I plan to work on my summer schedule this upcoming month.

Overall Results?

It’s a pretty mixed bag. But I’d say I made some good progress from last month’s failure. And there’s still plenty of room coming up this year to make it even better.

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss and meeting your goals! My blogging has been very inconsistent – it seems to follow my sporadic life right now 🙂

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