May Goals Update

The end of this month has seriously snuck up on me. The school year has ended and with it came lots of end of school craziness. (All of which I have loved!) Before I knew it, it’s Memorial Day weekend and I am sitting here realizing that May is basically over. And in this reflection I realized that it’s time for a May Goals Update post. I decided to squeeze it in just before May officially ends as another day won’t affect the results I need to post.

And I have to say that I was not ready for this month to end at all. This school year has been so great for C. His teachers this year were amazing. I could not have asked for better teachers. Now, if only they’d switch with the 4-year old teachers for one year, our preschool experience would be nearly perfect! (Ok, I’m sure his new teachers will be great next year too, but I really, really liked his 3-year old teachers.) And with that nice sentiment, let’s move on to the update.

May Goals Update

May Goals Update

  1. Diet: If you follow along with my Meal Plan posts, you’ll know that I started fasting this month. At first, it was a bit difficult. But now, every time I start a fast, it gets easier and easier. And my energy levels seem to do a lot better when I fast and my body adapts back to fat for an energy source. I haven’t been sticking strict to keto when I do eat, but I plan to work my way back to that over the summer.
  2. Exercise: This was going great! Until I tore something in my chest by pushing a little too hard on some bench lifts. I haven’t been able to get to the gym since. However, I have been spending more time outside with C doing some walking and lifting of him, and I’ve been using those as my workouts.
  3. Meal Budget: Fasting makes this so much better. Plus now I can reduce the budget to account for fasting!
  4. Dividend Income Increase: I haven’t really increased this yet. However, I have moved some of my investments around to make this a reality soon.
  5. Blog Consistently: I have really gotten back on track this month, which is great. I even have myself set up for more success and look forward to this goal being met from month to month.
  6. Write a Book: My plan is to still do NaNoWriMo. But I have not started planning this book out yet.
  7. Publish a Book: I have looked at my draft of my children’s book but have not made any edits yet. June is now my goal to get my final edits done for this.
  8. Housekeeping: I have been keeping up with about half of this. There are a few chores that I have been neglecting. But summer is here and I don’t have to deal with crazy preschool schedules anymore. I can work cleaning time into homeschool time and we’ll be great.
  9. Sewing: I haven’t started anything yet. I still want to finish my first quilt by summer’s end.
  10. Reading: Unfortunately, in all the end of school madness, I haven’t even thought about reading a book.
  11. Cooking: Some of my cooking goals have kind of been put on hold during some of this fasting. When Mr. H stops springing “let’s do a long fast” on me, I’ll get back to these.
  12. Homeschool: I finally got our summer school plans created. It only took the end of preschool for me to get my butt gear and make this happen. I have also made plans to do one of our school sessions at the park and invited his classmates to join us. I thought it would be an easy way to make a no-pressure standing playdate for the summer. (Hopefully someone will show up sometime!)

Overall Results?

This was another good month. The goals that didn’t hit are really a time issue. And with school out now, they should be easier to work towards. And the goals that I did meet, were excellent. This is really energizing me for June and inspiring me to push forward.

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  1. Yay for such a great month! I agree that when school is out that things seems a little easier to accomplish. ((hugs)) and prayers for healing so that you can begin exercising again.

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