May To-Do/Goals List – 52 Lists (Week 18)

I know, I know, I know. May is already half over. Oops! After getting behind in my posting, I am slowly playing catch up with the 52 Lists posts. The original author of the link-ups has changed blog paths. But she has been so kind as to post the list of all the remaining lists for the year. Week 18 happens to be your May To-Do/Goals.

This list actually came along at the perfect time for me. I have been needing to refocus and readjust the timing for some of my goals. And this helped… A LOT!

May To-D0/Goals List

May To-Do/Goals List

  • Edit: I need to do my first real read through and edit of my children’s book that I have written. I am both nervous and excited about this.
  • Blog: My blog needs to stay on track. I’d like to get my habits back on track for keeping this up to date.
  • School: I have some ideas for summer school, but I need to get them written down and fully planned out. After all, summer starts very soon!
  • Vacation: I am a planner when it comes to vacation. I really want to get some details figured out and nailed down for our two big vacations this summer.
  • Writing: My NaNoWriMo book needs to be planned. Of course, first I need an idea.
  • Strawberries: I want to take C to pick strawberries one more time before the season ends. I have been dying to make a strawberry cake or at least a vanilla cake with real strawberry frosting! (C will really love this!)
  • Crafts: I have a couple of crafts I have been planning to make for a long time. Now that the weather is here, I need to get them done as they are going to be end of the year presents for C’s preschool teachers.

What’s on your To-Do list for May? Interested in posting your own 52 Lists? Check out the link below to follow along with the lists!


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