Meal Plan Friday: 1/1/2016

Meal Plan Friday

Happy New Year! Brand new year, brand new goals, just so many things to do and look forward to! January is always going to be a super exciting month for me as we get to celebrate a birthday right at the beginning of the month to start the year off on one of the best positive notes we can! C-Man turns two in just a few days! He’s growing up way too fast for me.

Meal Plan Friday

Every year I do make some silent goals for myself because I always feel like I let people down when I don’t accomplish them, not that anyone remembers my posted goals. But I do! And I’m going to let you in a few of mine for this year:

  1. Keep growing Today Is Me.
  2. Eat healthier: Less eating out, keeping better foods in the house, more attention to portion control, etc.
  3. Exercise. (Normally I would say lose weight, but I’d like exercising to be a new part of my daily routine.)
  4. Read more. (Especially books.)
  5. Write more. (1000 words a day? I think I can do it.)
  6. Learn something new.

Pretty simple list. I have some other too, but those are the big ones that I really want to accomplish for myself this year. I guess you could call them resolutions but I like to think of them more as goals. Resolutions come with all this pressure and pressure leads to excuses to fail. I don’t want to fail so they are my 2016 goals! What goals do you have for yourself?

Meal Plan Friday

I’ve been thinking and scouring Pinterest for the recipes I want to use for my FIRST meal plan of the new year. Man, talk about pressure! I want to start the year off right and I want it to be fun. But I also want it to be as healthy as I can be. (That’s not to say I won’t throw some of those yummy, creamy, carby pieces of awesomeness in here. I’m not going health blog here.) I just like to have options. So here’s to my first plan of 2016:

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