Meal Plan Friday: 12/11/2015

Another Friday, another meal plan. It’s taking me a little bit of adjusting to get used to posting my meal plans ahead of the week I’m making them. I have to admit that I really do miss being to put the pictures up of the foods I made. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just start having random food picture post days too. (Ok, maybe not, but you never know!)

I’m working on keeping my meal planning simple. Trying to prep and cook around my almost two year old is not as simple as I want it to be. Life has been a little up and down dealing with teething and sleep issues from my little monster, but we’re getting through. It also makes meal planning a little more difficult because I want to come up with things I can prep or easily make especially for those days when I am just too drained to do any cooking. (Which if it’s anything like this last week means every single day!)

But enough of my little gripe session there and back to the food. This past week I did get it together enough to make a boat load of stuffed cabbage. I love doing this because it gives me a great fall back meal in my freezer ready to be thawed and heated at any time. I need more dishes that are just as easy to throw together but also leave me with a ton of food in my freezer. Any suggestions you have are welcome in the comments below! (Please and thank you!) I’m always looking to expand my repertoire, especially with easy to make and freeze things!

So here is the meal plan for the upcoming week.

  • Sunday: Grilled Chicken + Vegetable
  • Monday: Pot Roast
  • Tuesday: Tacos (Yay for Taco Tuesday!)
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: Some form of chicken + Vegetables
  • Friday: Funday Friday (maybe take out or maybe leftovers)
  • Saturday: More baking fun! (To include cookies of my choosing and some Oreo Truffles for my mother’s visit!)

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