Meal Plan Friday: 12/25/2015

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful day, what a wonderful week. Thanks to Mr. H, I was fortunate to do a bit of spoiling for our little C-man today. He enjoyed it. He’s still not interested in tearing apart wrapping paper. But, boy, once those gifts are visible, he wants you to open them so he can play with them! Yes, we’ve already hit that Christmas tradition of waiting 20+ minutes for our child to play with a toy before moving on to a new one.

Meal Plan Friday

We enjoyed a nice, relaxing day at home. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t get to make her trip up to see us as she developed a bad stomach bug. (Feel better mommy!!!) So I took lots of pictures and shared them on Facebook so she could still feel like she was here.

C-Man and I also shared another tradition of mine of driving around to look at Christmas lights. I’m glad he was old enough to enjoy looking out the window at them this year and that he stayed awake long enough (without being a grump) to take part in this little fun activity.

Paper Christmas Lights

Christmas dinner was quite nice this year. We went an non-traditional route and made steak, fries, and broccoli with cheese. It was delicious and I’m glad we made it. I never did get around to any special Christmas baking this year. Every Saturday that came by, I was just not in the mood. Oh well. (Mr. H even tried to make me feel guilty for not having any Christmas cookies around to enjoy after dinner. SORRY!!!)


And with all this talk about food, it’s time to lay out the plan for next week’s food activities. Yes, even on holidays, meals still need to be planned and posts need to be posted. Thank goodness for WordPress and their post scheduler, it seriously saves my butt!

  • Sunday: Christmas dinner with Mr. H’s family.
  • Monday: Pot Roast (from the freezer)
  • Tuesday: Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Angel Chicken
  • Thursday: Grilled Chicken + Salad
  • Friday: Funday Friday?
  • Saturday: C-Man Birthday party!

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