Meal Plan Friday: 3/11/2016

Happy Friday! Happy Meal Plan Friday! Are you ready to get started? I know I am. Next week also happens to include one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. (Bring out all your green clothes, folks!)

You might think it’s odd that I enjoy this particular holiday. I don’t drink. Green isn’t my favorite color. It’s a day in the middle of March. However, it also happens to my birthday. Oh man, I’m getting older. I’m not one for doing much to celebrate my birthday, I don’t even want presents. I only ask for a nice dinner and some cake to share with my family.

So I don’t know what we’ll be eating on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’ll be something I don’t have to cook. And then we’ll eat cake because YUM! Who doesn’t love cake? Especially chocolate with lots of icing. C-Man is great at eating cake and I can’t wait to watch him cover his face in icing with some of my birthday cake.

I originally intended to focus on one type of protein for the week, but I got a little carried away with finding some new recipes that I just wanted to try. I’m looking forward to these and hopefully I don’t wuss out on making them and we eat some new delicious food.

I also stuck a bit to my old themed nights. Monday features a vegan recipe. Tuesday has a taco variation. Wednesday brings a comforting casserole. Thinking about this menu is making me excited. I can’t wait to dig in and get our grub on.

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