Meal Plan Friday: 4/29/2016

Sometimes you have super fantastic awesome weeks. And sometimes you have just plain old normal weeks. And then other times you have just bad weeks. Yes, you guessed where I’m going with this. A bad, bad week.

Little mister C-Man went and spent a few days at his grandma’s house. For some reason, I lose all motivation to cook and such when he’s gone. And then I found out some other unfortunate news involving the death of a family member (we weren’t close, so no need for the condolences, please.) Well, needless to say, this just has not been my week.

I never made it around to meal planning. And as a result of not sticking to my last meal plan, I have lots of unused food. Fortunately, none of it has spoiled so I can just use it this upcoming week. Unfortunately, we got lazy and fell off the keto train. It also means we spent wayyyyyyy too much money on eating out. (Ugh, I feel a little nauseous thinking about it.)

I decided not to make a meal plan for the upcoming week. (I know, I know. SHAME ON ME!) But to be fair, I have a lot (read… crap ton) of unused food that I am just going to dive into for the next week. I don’t have any specific plans other than the recipes I already specifically bought for (like the Brussels sprout casserole because I love me some brussels sprouts.)

I also want to greatly apologize for getting this post up late. It’s just not Meal Plan Friday without some kind of information about food. But you can rest assured that it’ll be simple meat and vegetable foods for dinner, salads for lunch, and not much going on for breakfast. To see what kinds of things C-Man will be eating, you can check last week’s post for his breakfasts and lunches. Thanks for checking back in and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Meal Plan Friday next week!

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