My Favorite Meals – 52 Lists

My Favorite Meals

I’m a sucker for a good list. And as I missed my post yesterday (sorry, brain fog), I thought this list would be appropriate for my site. I love food and I love sharing my favorite foods with my friends. Perhaps that is why this list of My Favorite Meals fits in perfectly.

My Favorite Meals

I thought it would be difficult to come up with a list, but I was surprised how easy it was to come up with this list. I was even more surprised how many things on my list are things that I already make at home. I guess you can say I’m a little partial to my own cooking, especially when I find a good recipe. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy other people’s cooking as well but I don’t generally have the chance to eat someone else’s cooking.

My Favorite Meals

I am truly grateful to Chasing Slow for posting this list for the week because it made me drool thinking about all the delicious food I love to eat. I also have to admit that sometimes I, too, have a problem finding the joy in preparing meals. A lot of times they feel like too much work and I just don’t want to do it.

I will say that thinking about these foods has made me very hungry and has lit a little fire under my butt to want to get to cooking. A little of the joy is coming back!

My Favorite Meals

This list is in no particular order, merely the order they popped into my head. Some of these meals may not look like meals to you but the way I like to chow down on them, they are big enough to be a meal by themselves.



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    1. Thank you! I don’t know how people can resist tender cooked beef and vegetables. Plus it’s so easy to freeze the leftovers for easy meals later!

  1. Mmm… buffalo wings. I remember when we’d order take-out from Buffalo Wild Wings and you and I just HAD to order mango habanero each time, even though it nearly killed us to finish it.

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