Post Infrequency

This time of year is speeding up and getting a little crazy. There are so many things I need to do, want to do, etc. Unfortunately I have not had the time or motivation to keep up with this site. I have a slight problem with some post infrequency. I prefer to do at least two posts (preferably three) a week. However, with everything going on and coming up, this is probably not going to happen.

I am still here chugging along. No worries. I hope you’ll still continue to drop by and read posts when I can get them up. And here’s a little insight into what I have going on and coming up.

1. Halloween: I still have to finalize and create C’s Halloween costume. I’m a bit behind this year, even more so than I probably was last year. And I might also be blaming Matthew a little bit for flooding the area and giving us limited access to town.

2. NaNoWriMo: I have participated in two NaNoWriMos now and completed one. This year is round three. My book is created on the NaNo site and I have a basic idea in my head of what to do and what to write. NaNo is pretty writing intensive and even more so this year because I plan to write 25 thousand words more than last year.

3. Self-Publishing: This is happening. (Not under my own name. And no, I won’t tell you my pen name.) This is one of my side hustles to rack up some extra cash. Self-publishing takes a lot of time as well. Starting has probably been the hardest part followed closely by getting my second push of work out.

4. Diet Changes: I have started this one already. Sundays are now my shopping days as well as my huge prep days. I prep a large bag of chopped romaine lettuce, small bag of chopped tomatoes, cut up miscellaneous vegetables to easy grab and roast, hard-boiled eggs for salads, cutting and sectioning meat. Those are my basics to make cooking easier throughout the week.

5. Thirty Days of Thanks: One of my favorite things about November is the reminder to be thankful. I like to celebrate being thankful by giving thirty days of thanks. (Feel free to follow along on my Facebook page or Twitter page to see my Thirty Days of Thanks.)

6. Keeping This Site Alive: I love this site and I wish I had a little more time and motivation for it. But it will stay alive and I will keep pushing on. And I hope you continue to visit during this crazy and chaotic time of year.


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