Procrastination Is My Middle Name

Procrastination is my middle name. No really, I’m pretty sure my mother wrote down the wrong thing on my birth certificate. It should read Procrastination instead of the cute little name she gave me.

Why do it now when I can do it just as well five minutes from now? Yes, I’m aware of the benefits of completing a task early. But at this very moment I’m enjoying such and such and the other thing I have to do can wait.

It doesn’t matter the rationalization. Whatever it is, I can find a reason to put it off. You might even think, “Hey, you have a kid now, you can’t do that!” Well, friends. I hate to tell you but you are still wrong. Baby needs new clothes? Oh, we’ll just wait till I literally can’t get his head through the hole or his pants won’t come up over his tush any longer.

Yes, I am that person. Some things are expensive to take care of. Some things take too much time to take care of. Some things take too much attention and the baby won’t nap so I can sneak in an outing by myself during nap time. The excuses are just endless.

And they are just that. They are excuses. They are the procrastinators best weapon against doing anything that isn’t making them 100% happy at that time. I should know, I use them ALL the time!

Ok, so I may be exaggerating a bit now. I do not procrastinate 100% of everything I need to do. I do still procrastinate a lot, however, most of it usually only involves me. The baby doesn’t deserve that treatment because he has no control over any of his situation. I do keep up with things he needs. Although, I may occasionally wait a week or so too long to buy new clothes. (After all, he mostly runs around in a diaper to keep his eczema under control anyway!)

As I write this, I’ve been trying to think of something that I haven’t procrastinated on recently. And I honestly can’t think of anything. This post is going up later than I planned. I only do a bare minimum cleaning job most of the time until we’re going to have company (and then I scrub the house the day before they get here.) I don’t restock on groceries until we actually run out of them and even then I wait a few days to get them if we can still get by on other freezer/cupboard staples. Laundry waits until everyone is out of underwear (or bed sheets in the baby’s case.)

Procrastination has always been a part of who I am. I cannot change it. I have attempted multiple times in my life to turn that around. It works for a month, maybe two. Then suddenly it all comes crashing down and I revert to my standard way of completing things.

Are you a procrastinator? What is the thing you put off the most? Have you learned to make it better? Share with me in the comment below!

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