Quarter Year Check In: Goal Progress

At the start of every year, it’s incredibly popular to make New Year’s Resolutions. And about thirty days later, it’s also extremely likely that most people have given up or forgotten about their resolutions. I “resolved” not to have resolutions but to have goals to achieve this year. As April is starting, I thought it would be fun to do a little check in on the goals I set for myself so you can also see my goal progress.

Goal Progress

First, I would like to tell you that I prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions. I think using the term resolution breeds failure. It also has a negative connotation and negative affect on your mental health. Think about it. When you hear “New Year’s Resolution,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Weight loss/exercise, right? Exactly. Your first thoughts are thinking, I’m too fat or unhealthy and I need to make myself diet or exercise. You’re in the wrong mindset and you set yourself up to fail because you already started in a bad frame of mind.

Goal Progress

Setting your goals for the year give you the frame of mind to be in a place of growth. Goals are something you work to achieve and in so doing, you grow as a person. It puts you in a positive starting zone and gives you a greater chance of success. (Ok, maybe this isn’t true for every single person, but no way of doing anything is the best for 100% of the world.)

Goal Progress

I made myself a list of nine goals. Each of my goals has little sub-goals to help build up to my goal or to clarify what exactly I want out of each goal. I like details, they help me get where I want to go. I posted some of these goals at the beginning of the year and now it’s time to check in to see how we’re progressing.

Goal 1: Keep Today Is Me growing.

Progress: My site is growing, slowly but surely. I’ve plateaued a little bit as of now, but I’m looking to see what I can do to fix that. (If you enjoy what you see here, please share with your friends!)

Goal 2: Eat Healthier: less eating out, less junk food in the house, and better portion control.

Progress: The first two and a half months were not that great. However, the past couple of weeks have been phenomenal. Mr. H and I have gone back to Keto and are going strong. (For now and hopefully to continue.)

Goal 3: Exercise.

Progress: I haven’t gotten there yet. I have plans in the works to join a gym and rectify this.

Goal 4: Read More.

Progress: Surprisingly, this is one I have kept up with 100%. I have been reading a random Wikipedia page (or more if they’re short articles) every day. I have also read several books this year, although some were junior high level books and made reading multiple books easier.

Goal 5: Write More.

Progress: Started strong and failed. I want to get back to this and I will.

Goal 6: Learn Something New.

Progress: Currently in progress. I have gotten back to playing my old instrument every so often. I have also taken up learning out how to knit.

Some failures but I’m not totally downtrodden from them. I’m looking forward to turning it around and getting myself on track to finish the year stronger than I started. I hope your goals are treating you well and that you can reflect back on your current progress for the year as positively as I can look at mine.

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    1. Yes, very true. But I did fail my current little detail for this goal of writing a certain amount every day. (There’s time to catch up. I just need to get my butt in gear already.)

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