Remembering Orlando

Remembering Orlando

I’m not one for making political, religious, or even controversial posts. And I definitely stay away from it where I can on my person social media accounts. However, I feel that it is important to post a little something to help in Remembering Orlando.

If you have looked at any form of social media or news network in the recent days, you have no doubt been overwhelmed with posts about the shooting in Orlando. These posts have strayed from news about the tragedy itself. They have tried to spark political debates over gun control and debates about homosexuality. It’s crazy the way things can spin so far away from the facts and onto totally different subjects from the thing that sparked them.

Remembering Orlando

I do not want you to look at my post and think that I am trying to push any agenda down your throat. I’m not. I am not going to discuss my views on guns and violence. Nor am I going to discuss anything related to religion. That is not, I repeat, NOT the purpose of this post.

My aim is to remind you that there is something deeper that happened here. It can easily be summed up in one word: Hatred.


No matter how it came to pass, one human being held hate in their heart for a specific community of people and decided to take a violent action against them. It doesn’t matter your beliefs towards this community or the towards the man who committed this crime. What does matter is that someone allowed this man to hold enough hate in his heart to destroy so many lives.

Many have died and many have reached out to the families offering them any number of necessities. I even heard on the radio that a six year old girl was making cards for the families to make them feel much better. We could all take a lesson from this girl to open our hearts to others and not see that they are different. We should be easily willing to lend a hand to those who are hurting.

Remembering Orlando

There is so much hate out there that doesn’t get publicized. It terrifies me every day, especially when I think that I have to raise a child to live in this giant mess. My one great hope is that he will, like the six year old mentioned above, open his heart to those that are hurt and do what he can to help. I hope that he will understand what it means to love and accept people of all sorts. I hope he will see past their race, religion, sexuality and not notice they are different.


There isn’t much I can do to change the hate in the world. I can only do what I can to teach my child to let go of hate. I hope he will teach that to his own children one day. One small step and maybe we can slowly turn the world around. It won’t happen overnight, I know that. But it starts with one small step, one small idea planted in the mind of your own child to change the world.

Remembering Orlando

And to all reading my site, I want you to know, that someone out there loves and cares about you. And every person you harbor hate towards has someone who loves and cares about them. You don’t have to agree with them or their lifestyle. You should respect that they are living, breathing people with families too. Please, find other ways to release your hatred. Safe outlets like writing a book, learning to box, playing baseball, etc.

And one last thing, to those affected by the tragedy in Orlando. My heart and thoughts are with you as you cope with this tragedy. I praise you for taking care of your family members. I praise you for staying strong despite the hate. I praise you for being strong despite the way the world has focused on guns and Muslims once again.

Stay strong Orlando.

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  1. I truly appreciate your post. It has been a difficult week for us all in trying to make sense of what happened in Orlando. Something needs to change and I hope I am making the right choice in November. I don’t ever want to see this sort of thing happen in our country (or around the world) ever again. Will we ever see a world in which love and kindness prevails?

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I sincerely hope we are all making the right choices in November. It’s a scary time and hopefully some positive change will come out of this situation.

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