September Fitness Schedule and To-Do List

As August ends today, it’s time to look forward to September. This brings up the new September Fitness Schedule and To-Do List. Last month I posted my fitness schedule for August and with 52 Lists, I also posted a big to-do list for the month.

I decided to combine them together this month because they both go together and they were great ideas for me for the month of August. Ideas that I want to continue through the month of September.


September Fitness Schedule and To-Do List

I went a bit simpler this month. I think I pushed a little too hard last month by adding too much too my plate. This month, I went for very simple and spread out exercise but also very focused. It is all weight-lifting and is intended to go until I physically cannot lift that way anymore. My goal on the plank days is to do them as many times as I can throughout the day for as long as I can manage. (My core is very weak and I need to start building it up.)


“Have” To-Do:
  • Get C to preschool on time
  • Exercise
  • Meal Plan/Grocery shopping
  • Cook/Clean
  • Write
“Want” To-Do:
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Write more
  • Play flute 1 hour per day
  • Read 3 more Baby-Sitters Club books and 3 other books
  • At least 2 dates with Mr. H
  • Reorganize the kitchen the house
“Get” To-Do:
  • Enjoy time with my family
  • Be a mom
  • Be a girlfriend
  • Have a roof over my head
  • Wake up in the morning
  • Work on this site

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