Spring Break: Imagination Station (Wilson, NC)

I posted about our first Spring Break adventure here. These little mini-trips were my answer to Spring Break vacation but still doing something fun when normally we would have been at school. (I thought it might help keep up the normalcy of our routine for doing things on these days at those times.) For trip number two, we made the trek out to Wilson, NC to check out the Imagination Station.

Imagination Station
Stacking Exercise calories to burn off the food calories.

After searching and searching, I found another little museum type experience to go to. This one is much closer to home and I thought it would be perfect.

Imagination Station
Digital Earth Projection

The website describes several things to do, including an area with lots of active equipment for kids to play and climb on. There is also a large floating sphere model of the Earth. It’s always cool to look at the Earth like that. The second floor hosted a reptile exhibit, a courtroom, and a playroom. And the third floor was for the North Carolina Museum of the Coastal Plain.

Imagination Station
Trying to climb the little rock wall.

Let’s start on the first floor. The Earth sphere looked cool (as I expected.) C saw it, looked at it for a moment then just didn’t care. I directed him into the room where all the stuff was to get your body moving and going. The coolest part of the room was the large rock climbing wall… which was closed. Ok, no big deal. We’ll climb the small one. No. C just got frustrated and had no interest in trying. It wasn’t exciting to him (even though he loves to do the dinky one at our local park.)

Imagination Station

So C loved climbing up the stairs. I’m going to take a minute to say here that the stairs are dizzying. I had to walk very slowly up the stairs and really concentrate on the floor beneath me to not get dizzy while climbing up.

Imagination Station

We made it to the second floor. It took every ounce of energy I had to get him interested in looking at the reptiles that were out for display. Several were not in their homes and many of the ones that were out were hiding. Ok, I didn’t expect them all to be viewable, but it was a bit disappointing. C made his way into the playroom. He got mad at me after I wouldn’t let him move tracks from the train table to the floor to make his own track. (Oh well, what can I say, I tried to keep his habits under control.)

Imagination Station
Train table.

So off we went again up to the third floor. I don’t know what was going on with the third floor but I saw no signs of anything being up there. Maybe the Coastal Plain museum wasn’t finished yet? I have no idea. We quickly turned around and spent a few minutes playing “let’s make mommy dizzy going up and down the stairs,” but when I got tired of that, we left. (C did not enjoy leaving and wanted to go up and down the stairs all day. Sorry, kid, not gonna happen!) I distracted him with music and games. We ended up at his favorite park instead, which was way better and way more fun than running up and down the dizzy stairs.

Imagination Station
Playroom, 2nd floor.

In case you can’t tell by what I’ve written, this was a terrible excursion. Do not, I repeat, do NOT waste your time, money, or energy on this place, even if you happen to be in Wilson. Just skip the Imagination Station and make the trip to Raleigh for the kids museum.

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