Spring Break: Marbles Kids Museum (Raleigh, NC)

Spring has sprung and Spring Break has officially started. I thought of taking a small vacation with C for Spring Break. After planning a family vacation in June, I decided to find some simple day activities to do closer to home. Our first trip was to Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh.

Despite only living an hour and a half from Raleigh, we haven’t actually spent much time there. After a little research on things to do with preschool aged kids, I found this little gem to try. And so we went.

Marbles Kids Museum
Fun at the train table.

On their website, it says Mondays are the only day of the week where no groups are allowed to visit (like a school field trip or summer camp group.) This is what made me choose to go on Monday. Plus, it still keeps in line with the schedule of going to school.

It costs $7 per person* to enter the museum (for non-members) plus tax. There is free parking on a street nearby, however, I felt better just parking in the paid deck right across the street. It costs $2 an hour to park anywhere around the museum whether you park in the deck or the metered parking lots/street parking around it. So be prepared for that.

Marbles Kids Museum
Drivers area for the ambulance.

Marbles Kids Museum was easy to find, even the parking. Even once inside, it was easy to navigate around. The line moved quickly for admission and we were on our way. C took quickly to the place. So quick that he didn’t even notice the gift shop, the musical stairs, or the toddler area. He went straight into Around Town. After looking at a couple of the emergency vehicles full of kids, he spotted the train table and made himself right at home.

Marbles Kids Museum
Back of the ambulance with dress up clothes.

The train table was fairly large and had several trains to play with, made it easy when the table got crowded. After a small dispute with another child over a train (it had to happen eventually,) I steered C away to explore of the “town.” We visited the fire truck, the ambulance, the 911 phone, and the farm. He had so much fun pressing buttons and turning the gears to move the “feed” (green balls.)

Marbles Kids Museum
Moving the “feed.”

After seeing several people walk by the “town,” C decided he was done and ready to explore. We headed to “Splash!” and he observed the few things in the area. There were several smaller kids at the splash tables and he really took no interest in it. He enjoyed climbing the big pirate ship, but lost interest after a couple minutes.

Marbles Kids Museum
Fish in the Splash! area.

We made it up the stairs to the Moneypalooza. This (not counting the train table) was probably his favorite part of the place. There were balls flying all through the air in special contraptions, balls falling from the sky, and no shortage of places to place the balls to watch them go flying around the room. There was also a fun structure to climb and a slide to go down as well. My only problem with this is that you could not see your kid on top of this structure while you’re waiting at the bottom for them to move around up there. A little unnerving, especially with a younger child.

Marbles Kids Museum
Moneypalooza climbing structure!

Lastly, we enjoyed some time in the Power2Play. C spent a lot of time climbing the ladders and just jumping off onto the padding. The hockey area also totally captivated him. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand how to use the stick and he kept stealing the pucks from other kids, so we had to put an end to that.

Marbles Kids Museum
Trying to play hockey.

Overall, it was a fun couple of hours. The lack of crowds helped a lot with the experience. And although C had a blast, I don’t think the drive is quite worth it for us. I probably wouldn’t head here if I had more than a 45 minute drive or another activity planned for the day in the same area. So if you’re in Raleigh and have small kids, give this a whirl. It’s fun and it totally wears out your kiddo!

* As of the time of this post. Prices subject to change.

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