Your Spring Bucket List – 52 Lists (Week 8)

Still playing catch up with my 52 Lists, but I am almost there. I love Bucket List posts and this one is no different. This week on 52 Lists it’s Your Spring Bucket List.

I love spring, mostly. Seriously, if we could get rid of the pollen, it would probably be my favorite season. But I don’t think I’ll ever get that lucky. So pass the Zyrtec and let’s get busy with this bucket list!

Spring Bucket List


  • Strawberry Picking – It’s something I’ve been wanting to take little C to do but just haven’t. Fortunately, it’s a planned field trip for his class this year and it is mandatory for a parent to attend. So consider this one nearly checked off!
  • Splash in Puddles – Who doesn’t love a good splash? My kiddo loves to splash and I look forward to taking walks to splash in the puddles from all the rain! (I should probably go buy him a pair of rain boots first!)
  • Pick Flowers – This is an easy one for us, but I always find it fun. My kiddo loves going on walks and he loves to pick up all the little yellow weed flowers. And I love watching him do it!
  • Garden – Get our garden fully planted. Get my raised bed set up. Buy and plant in my raised bed with my kiddo. We did some of this last year as a last minute “why not?” project. I still have a gallon bag in my freezer full of hot peppers that we haven’t eaten yet. (Not a bad turnout from trying at the last minute!)
  • Yard Games – I saw something cute on Pinterest for a road thing to set up in the yard and I’d like to do that for my son to have something else/new to play on while in the backyard.
  • Bike Riding – It’s my goal to get my kid to start using his feet to pedal his bikes instead of pushing off the ground. Keep your fingers crossed because we’ll need all the help we can get!
  • Baking – I love baking and my son loves to help. We just need to do it more often!
  • Prepare Summer School – C goes to a private preschool and I love it for him so much! He has a blast and loves all his friends there (ok, everyone there is his friend, according to him!) But those dreaded summer months leave us with nothing. So I want to get our summer planned out to learn and prepare for pre-k this fall! (Oh gosh, I can’t believe it’s only one school year left before kindergarten!)
  • Spring Break – Ideally, I’d like to take a short trip as a family, or at least me and C because daddy can’t always get away. Not sure where. Nothing too far, and nothing too complicated if it’s just me and C. (If you have recommendations in and near North Carolina, leave them in the comments!)

That list will keep us busy this spring. What’s on your Spring Bucket List?

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4 thoughts on “Your Spring Bucket List – 52 Lists (Week 8)

  1. Splash in the puddles sounds like so much fun! ….oh and baking sounds delicious, too!! I’m still catching up 🙂

    1. I am just waiting for the weather to warm up a little to take advantage of some of the outside memories to make. At least one baking session is already planned to happen and I can’t wait to make a mess, have fun, and enjoy the results!

  2. Great list. Love the splash in puddles!! We have our one and a half-year-old grandson (and his Daddy and Mommy) living with us and he *loves* the puddles!!!!

    1. My son was scared of splashing in puddles for a long time. But now he thinks the further they splash they funnier they are!

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