Thanksgiving Baking

This year, Mr. H’s parents are hosting our Thanksgiving dinner. Talk about a big relief not having to try and coordinate an entire meal while also watching my little toddler of terror. Ok, he’s not really a terror, but it feels like that when I’m trying to cook! But this week definitely focused on a lot of Thanksgiving baking.

It was requested that we bring some kind of dessert or pumpkin pie. Well, I’m a little ambitious and got really excited at this opportunity. I made a test pie on Monday for flavor. I really wanted to make my own pie crust. But because I didn’t have a real pie tin we had a little oops with the middle not fully cooking. Tuesday, I bought a new pie tin (they were super cheap at Wal-Mart so I bought two!) I made a second test pie on Tuesday and it was spot on.

Thanksgiving Baking
Pumpkin Pie

In my ambition for Thanksgiving dessert, I also decided I wanted to whip up some truffles. I loved the Oreo ones in the past and also found a recipe using Nutter Butters. So Tuesday, while my pie was cooling, I whipped up the batch of Oreo Truffles. Normally, I would dip them in milk chocolate but decided to go for a change and used white chocolate.

Thanksgiving Baking
Oreo Truffles

Wednesday, today, I’m making the two pies we’ll be taking to Thanksgiving dinner as well as the Nutter Butter truffles. I’m using a dark chocolate coating for those. They turned out pretty decently, although I would have liked there be just a bit more peanut butter flavor.

Thanksgiving Baking
Nutter Butter Truffles

A bit of work, but I successfully finished all my cooking for Thanksgiving. Hooray for only having to bring a dessert! Making the Oreo truffles on Tuesday was great. I should have made the Nutter Butters ones then too, but I was feeling lazy after putting the baby to bed. The pies look good and hopefully everyone enjoys them.

I’ll be posting the recipes over the next couple of weeks, so you have something to look forward to! And from my family to you and yours: Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you as much tasty food as you can handle!

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