The List of Things That Keep You Up At Night – 52 Lists (Week 16)

I fell behind again! (Oops!) We have been busy, busy, busy around here getting into Spring now that things are finally warming up! Thank you Mother Nature! But we’re having a lazy day around here and I am getting caught up on all the posts I want to have out. (Also, thank you Olive and Plaid for posting the lists that need to be done.) So it’s time for another 52 Lists and this week is The List of Things That Keep You Up At Night.

I saw this list title and had things easily pop into my head. So I’m just going to jump right on in and list my things. And if you’re a parent reading this, you probably feel the same as I do about several of these!

Things That Keep You Up At Night

Things That Keep You Up At Night

  • Children: Sometimes they just do not have a good night. A whimper here, a bad dream, the dreaded cold. They all invade and after one happens, I cannot go back to sleep easily (or to sleep to begin with). And once I do go to sleep, I wake up a lot after that thinking that I’ll hear another cry or something. It’s dreadful!
  • Bad Incidents/Memories: Had a bad day? Can’t stop thinking about that one time you fell and split your pants? Can’t let go of what you SHOULD have said when the lady behind you in line made some snarky comment? Ugh. Me too. And it keeps my mind racing so hard and so fast that I just cannot fall asleep.
  • Sadness: Specifically grieving. Those of you who know me outside of this blog know that I recently lost my grandma. And sometimes the sad thoughts creep in reminding me that I didn’t get to say goodbye. Then the tears start and I just can’t settle down to go to sleep.
  • Fear: Did I do enough today? Did I forget something? Was I supposed to get anything for C? Where is X, Y, or Z? What if X happens? But what if Y also happens? Another one of those long painful roads of thinking that end up in tears with me staying up way too late at night.
  • To-Do Lists: Sometimes I get so caught up trying to plan out the next day, trying to remember everything I have to do, that I get a little too worked up to sleep. Oops!

I think those about cover it. What keeps you up at night? Click the image below to link up with others!


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