The Places You Want to Go – 52 Lists (Week 9)

This might just be my favorite list so far! Why? Because it would be a dream come true to make this list a reality. This week’s list (which also catches me back up on 52 Lists) is The Places You Want to Go!

I have one simple answer for this: EVERYWHERE!

Yes, that’s right. Ideally I would go everywhere, even the moon! (Does outer space count as an answer?!)

But for this post, I’m going to shorten that list to my top desires of places to see in my life.

The Places You Want to Go

The Places You Want to Go

  • All 50 states. I want to see them all at least once. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.
  • Canada. I’ve made some internet friends in Canada and someday I’d really like to visit our northern neighbors.
  • England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. I’m grouping them all together because I don’t want to see one without the other. They’re all part of my heritage and I want to see everything I can there related to my ancestors.
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Another grouping but I felt they all kind of go together as well. And they are also part of where some of my ancestors originate.
  • Italy and Greece. I’m pretty sure I was made to live in this area and a visit there would only confirm it for me!
  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I’ve already been to Germany and Austria but I would love to again and add Switzerland to the mix.
  • Egypt. I have always been fascinated by the pyramids and would love to see one up close! Plus, my uncle was born there and my mom lived there as a baby. So it’s got a fun little history for me personally.
  • Japan. Can’t leave this off a list. It’s a top destination for me, definitely.
  • Australia and New Zealand. Just a must go. Even if I will be terrified of the spiders bigger than my head!
  • Machu Picchu. Every picture of it is stunning and something I must see for myself.

So what’s on your list of the places you want to go??

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4 thoughts on “The Places You Want to Go – 52 Lists (Week 9)

  1. Everywhere — and space — good answers! Your list of places sounds exciting! You could start by traveling through books.

    1. I think we’ll start with travelling through learning the states this summer. My kid is a little young, but he has a lot of fun playing with the map and US puzzle we have!

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