The Ways In Which You Can Love Others – 52 Lists (Week 6)

My inspiration and motivation lately has been slacking. I’ve been totally distracted by silly things (ok, I’ve been a little too interested in binge-watching Mad Men finally.) And we’ve been on the go a little more this week, cleaning and doing and playing. But in the midst of all this and thinking about this week’s 52 Lists, I found this one to be very touching and personal. There are so many ways in which you can love others while doing things you naturally do (and some not so naturally.) I’m just going to jump right into the list this week.

The Ways in Which You Can Love Others

The Ways In Which You Can Love Others

  • Listening: Everyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer that everyone needs someone to listen to them. We all hold so much inside and if we don’t let it out, we’re going to explode. And bad things happen when we burst with all these emotions. It only takes a few minutes to silence your mouth, open your ears, and just listen as someone vents about whatever is on their mind. You don’t even have to respond. Just listen. Sometimes it’s just enough to help that person move past their trouble.
  • Hugs: Sometimes you just need a good, firm embrace to know that someone cares. It makes you feel safe. It makes you feel loved. This is such a simple act and I feel it’s often overlooked. Especially when you are so complacent in your routines at home to wander off to your alone space. Just go get a hug or give a hug!
  • Offer: Offer what you can. Your ear (see listening above), your abilities, your help, your hands, your heart. Whatever moves you to help someone in whatever you way you can. Offer it. Even if they say no. (Though I don’t like taking a lot of help, the offer to help means a lot more than the actual help.)
  • Encourage: Be a positive force for everyone you meet, for everyone you spend time with. Push them to follow their dreams or to do good things. Encourage them to do the right thing in every situation. Be there for them, help them, push them. We all need someone on our side telling us we can do it. There are enough negative voices and forces out there. Try to change that. You can do it!

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