The Ways You Are Energized – 52 Lists (Week 22)

I am very excited with my 52 Lists right now. As of my last 52 Lists post, I am officially caught up and on schedule to finish these out on the weeks they should be done. And this excitement fits perfectly with this week’s 52 Lists theme: The Ways You Are Energized.

There’s many ways to feel drained, tired, etc. And each one requires something different to pick you back up and get you going again. I know it does for me. And I do my best to make it happen, but sometimes we all need a little help or a little push to get heading in the right direction.

The Ways You Are Energized

The Ways You Are Energized

Quiet Time – Sometimes I just need to be alone and focused on my own little head space to get back to myself. I get overwhelmed and need a timeout. It happens. (I’m a mom, I can’t help it!) And after a little time to myself, I am ready to get back to my family and give them what they need.

Sleep – Ok, this one is pretty obvious. I am generally not a fan of napping, but sometimes you just need an extra boost for your body’s energy stores.

Driving – I find driving relaxing and a great escape. It’s fun to just pick a direction and go. This was also how I taught C his left and right by letting him choose which way to go. We just love to go out for a bit when playing outside isn’t really an option and enjoy that we aren’t in the house.

Reading – What better way to charge up your mind than to escape into another world with a book? For me, it helps to  escape the world and be part of another one. Your imagination gets a good workout following along with someone else’s writing and I love it!

Food – Other than the obvious need to give your body energy, I find that food also brings about a social energy as well. It’s nice to sit down as a family and enjoy a meal together. I think we get lost sometimes just plopping down in front of the TV or being on different schedules. So I like to make time for us all to sit together whenever we can. It helps bring us together.

What energizes you? If you like 52 Lists, join in the fun by clicking the picture below!


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