Things/Places That Make Us Feel Safe 52 Lists

It is extremely important in the world today to find places and things that make us feel safe. There is so much tragedy, so much anger, and so much evil that it almost seems there is no good in the world. (ex: Orlando.)

I find myself having to look very hard to find happy places that make me feel safe and give me hope for my child as he grows up to take on the world. I only hope that the world becomes a better place one person at a time. In the mean time, you will probably find me hiding away in my happy places.

These happy places make me feel safe after times of trial, error, hate, and greed. I seek them often and find they renew me to go back out into the world.


  • Home
  • In bed, curled up in my blanket
  • In Mr. H’s arms
  • Hugging my son tight
  • My mom’s house
  • Alone on a walk
  • Kitty purrs
  • Chocolate

What makes you feel safe? Check out other ideas of safe places by following the link below.

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6 thoughts on “Things/Places That Make Us Feel Safe 52 Lists

  1. Being safe is really important and sometimes we must “create” our safe. I was hoping that this list brought to heart just what it is that keeps us feeling that safety net for not only ourselves but for those we love 🙂

    I enjoyed seeing differences, too — like being alone on a walk, I’m not sure that I would feel safe.

    Wonderful list!

    1. Location of that walk is important too. There are very few places I feel safe walking alone, but in those places, it’s surreal.

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