The Things You Should Be Proud Of – 52 Lists

Another great list topic for the 52 Lists series: The Things You Should Be Proud Of. And while I think things are great, I like Olive and Plaid’s approach to list choices to be proud of. So my list will probably include a combination of choices and things.

The Things You Should Be Proud Of

Little C: C isn’t a thing, but he is what I am most proud of. Still alive, happy, and healthy after four years. I consider that quite an accomplishment and perhaps the greatest part of my life. I could not be any prouder if I tried.

The Things You Should Be Proud Of

This Site: I made a decision quite some time ago to make a blog of my own. Although I have gone on hiatus a few times over the years, I still come back to this site. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds here. (Plus, it lets me connect with everyone who stops by for a read.)

Making Traditions: After we had little C, we were truly bonded as a family. And over the years I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with our family traditions. In the past we spent most holidays elsewhere, participating in everyone else’s traditions. Now we generally stay home (like for Christmas) and enjoy our time as a family. Birthdays get homemade cakes. And Halloween still has homemade costumes. We cookout together during the summer holidays and snuggle up for movies on cold, gloomy days. I love our traditions and love my family time.

The Things You Should Be Proud Of

Being Able to Dream: I am so proud that I get the opportunity to have big dreams. And even more proud that I get the chance to chase my dreams. Mr. H is supportive of me and my dreams and we work to make all our dreams come true.

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  1. A beautiful list! Those are truly special accomplishments. And, your last point will be fun for you in this upcoming week’s list 🙂

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