Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring – 52 Lists (Week 10)

I’m kind of at a loss for this week’s list. In general, I don’t think I really cleanse for spring in any specific way. But I do enjoy a good cleanse of my house and schedules at least a few times a year. (Goodness knows I always find ways to have things just pile up everywhere.) And so that brings us to this list, the ways you can cleanse for spring.

I tried to keep my list simple. There are a few areas that I felt really needed attention and I put all my focus on those areas.

Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring

Ways You Can Cleanse for Spring


  • Continue daily cleaning schedule.
  • Pick an area to purge and reorganize every week.
  • Donate excess stuff.


  • Figure out summer homeschool schedule.
  • Find a new activity for Clark, at least for summer. (And maybe that can last through the school year?)


  • Plan and plant garden.
  • Decorate and assemble bird house.
  • Wash cars.
  • Power wash driveway and house.
  • Find refreshing “me” time.

What ways do you cleanse for spring?? Link up with the image below.


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  1. Planning and planting a garden sounds like such a great way to embrace Spring! I’m needing to make sure that I stay on top of list making and visiting blogs 🙂

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