What You Are Grateful For – 52 Lists (Week 5)

I am truly excited that the list for this week is about gratitude. The other day, I was lost deep in thought about how we only seem to recognize gratitude and thankfulness one time a year. And that is really a shame. We really should be recognizing gratitude all year long, which is why I’m glad to take time out after this first month has ended to think about What You Are Grateful For.

What You Are Grateful For

Most times I rush through my thankfulness and don’t put enough effort into it. However, I am happy to say that I think I have found a good place in my head this year to really get into this list. It’s good to take some time out and remember all the good things, big or small, that we have to be grateful for.

What You Are Grateful For

What You Are Grateful For

  • Love: To give and to receive. The love of my partner and the love of my son. And the love I have for each of them. The love of my mother, my brother, and all my family. There are many who have less than me and I am truly grateful for the ones I have.
  • Life and Health: After an unfortunate experience with a terrible GI bug and dehydration in December, I am just happy to be alive and healthy (well, except this stupid cold I’m getting over at this moment.) I am happy that my son and his daddy are alive and healthy as well. I can’t imagine what I would do without them.
  • Snow: My favorite part of winter is snow. We live in the South where snow usually means a dusting of white powder that’s melted by noon. This winter has been crazy and we received a spectacular winter wonderland on my son’s birthday. We had a blast playing in the snow.
  • Pictures: The perfect reminder of all those special memories. I love looking back at old pictures and reminiscing about the cute (and not so cute) moments of life.
  • Friends: Old and new, most I’ve met personally, some I have not. Doesn’t matter, I am just grateful to have you as part of my life journey.
  • Material Things: This is really just to lump together all the silly little things that I love having in my life. Books, computers, TV, internet, hot chocolate, all chocolate, bed, giant comforter, comfy clothes, car, food, etc.

What are you grateful for? Click the link below to join the fun!


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4 thoughts on “What You Are Grateful For – 52 Lists (Week 5)

  1. A thought filled list indeed! I am so sorry that you have been battling illness. I pray that you will regain strength soon. I’m sorry for my delayed visits. I’m quite behind as I have been traveling and unable to set aside my usual computer time. I’m hoping to catch up soon.

    1. Thank you! The illness just happens, comes with the territory of a kid in preschool (although I think this one came from his well-child visit at the pediatrician’s office.)

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