Why I Loved Being Pregnant

Before being pregnant with C-Man, I can honestly say that I never really noticed anything about pregnancy or pregnant women (other than I could never tell how far along was by the look of her stomach!) After having my precious little boy, I have noticed a trend with pregnant women. They either hate it or love it. Looking back on my pregnancy, I definitely fell into the latter group.

I was fortunate enough to work for two years in an emergency room doing patient registration (all that fun get your insurance and billing information.) From this experience I was able to observe several pregnant women and how they were handling their pregnancy at each and every stage. (I should also state, that I worked in the ER all through my pregnancy.)

Unfortunately, I witnessed some women going through horrible things with their pregnancies. After observing them and listening to what they had to say, I decided that most of their pregnant problems and agonies were due to their attitudes. There is a good chance that I am probably wrong and their attitude was not their biggest problem, but it was the only thing I could see as a fellow pregnant woman. I decided (after learning about my own pregnancy) that I didn’t want that attitude while pregnant. I adopted a come-as-you-will attitude. I decided that everything happening in my pregnancy was beautiful and natural and to enjoy every minute of it.

Why I Loved Being Pregnant | Todayisme.com

I became very thankful every time I heard a horror story from someone about their own pregnancy when it was a symptom that I never had to deal with. C-Man was good to me in the womb. He didn’t give me morning sickness, he didn’t give me preeclampsia, he never sat in weird positions. I didn’t suffer any back pain (until labor!) or leg pain or any weird pains. I liked (and still do) to think that I avoided anything from bothering me by having my good attitude while pregnant. Whatever was happening to me (the fatigue, the mild heartburn, the awkward sleeping positions,) I found it all to be some of the most special things in the world. There was a human being growing in my body.

I still smile thinking about those forty weeks of my life. It was an incredible experience. Every time C-Man would move or kick, I tried to grab Mr. H’s hand to let him feel. Unfortunately, it was an experience I could not fully share with him. That is probably the only thing that bothered me about pregnancy. I developed a connection with my baby while he was growing inside me, but I couldn’t share it with my partner. He had to take my word for it and just wait for the little bun to come out of the oven.

Why I Loved Being Pregnant | Todayisme.com

Being pregnant was fabulous for me. I got more sleep than I ever thought I could. I didn’t gain any weight for the first five months (which I considered a huge bonus!) I could still eat spicy food without getting heartburn. (Bland foods gave me heartburn, like toast!) Although I lost my taste for Chinese takeout, I gained a greater love of fruit while pregnant, especially bananas which I normally hate!

They say that pregnant women have a glow about them. I don’t know that I ever had a glow, but I always felt like I was glowing. Everything about having this tiny little human inside me was wonderful to me. And as much as people tried to pamper me and do for me, I was still able to do everything I normally did. After all, I did work all the way up till the day I gave birth (granted, I did drop down to part-time the last month and a half of my pregnancy.)

Now, I’ve only been pregnant once… so far! (Some day again, I’m hoping!) But from my own experience and what I have seen in others around me, I am a firm believer that attitude can 100% affect your pregnancy experience. I’d love to hear from any other women who have dealt similar types of things with attitudes and pregnancy. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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