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This week’s list from the 52 Lists series features the all-important Wish List. I can’t lie, this list is actually very hard for me to create. The things I want to receive aren’t so gift friendly. That is, they don’t fit in a box wrapped in paper and stuck under a tree.

Let me also preface this by saying that I am a truly terrible gift receiver. I honestly don’t find opening gifts exciting. And I’m also rarely surprised by a gift I get. (The lack of surprise kind of takes some of the fun out of getting a gift.) I prefer giving gifts. I thoroughly enjoy the time and effort that goes into picking out a gift for someone. And now that I have two nieces, three nephews, and a son to buy for at Christmas, I am just ecstatic with all the possibilities!

But regardless of that, I am constantly asked what I want to receive as a gift. And I honestly just rack my brain for something we need in the house to answer with because I hate trying to come up with some other material thing that I don’t really need. (And probably won’t enjoy outside of the 5 minutes of its first use. I’m a terrible person I know.)

So to anyone who asks what I really want to receive, this is the lowdown.

My Wish List… of sorts.

  • Someone I trust to watch C so Mr. H and I can enjoy a date. We rarely get to do this and it really is such a joy to still be able to get out of the house together.
  • Family time. Full family time. Mama, daddy, and C. Especially if it means we can go do something special together as a family. (Even a small weekend getaway.)
  • Time to myself. I grew up as an “only” child. (Yes, I have a half brother, but growing  up this, unfortunately, didn’t mean much other than a person out there existed.) This meant a lot of alone time for me. I don’t get that anymore. And yes, I understand being a mom basically means never being alone again. But sometimes, you just want an hour to yourself.
  • Whatever would have been spent on me to be spent on C. As I don’t really care for receiving gifts, I do enjoy watching my son enjoy the magic of surprise. I’d rather he receive all the blessings. It’s a blessing to me just watch him have fun.
  • Cash and/or gift cards. Then I can just buy what I want when I want as I want. I find it much less stressful to receive a cash gift than an actual item. Plus cash is so versatile and great when you’re trying to budget yourself for something. Or it’s really great for a splurge limit (like when buying used books!)
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4 thoughts on “The Wish List – 52 Lists

  1. This list I knew would be hard to write out. I pray that someone you trust will come along to help watch C so you can go out on date.

    1. Oh, we get to go out on dates occasionally. Maybe after we finally save up enough to buy a house and fully settle in somewhere we’ll be able to do it more.

  2. I so understand wanting time alone! It’s hard when you have little ones who don’t understand that “personal space” bubble!

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