Your Greatest Comforts – 52 Lists (Week 2)

Week two of 52 Lists. This week is Your Greatest Comforts. I like this list. It brings me joy thinking about all the things that keep me safe and warm both inside and out. This list didn’t give me much difficulty as my comforts are pretty simple and things that I get to enjoy most days. I appreciate them all and am so happy to have them there when I need them. Because let’s face it, not every day is smooth sailing for me.

Your Greatest Comforts

  • Big hugs from Mr. H or C: They always make me feel safe and the world melts away.
  • My comforter: I love to just wrap up in it and lay all cozy in bed.
  • A good meal: Sometimes there is nothing more soothing than food in your belly.
  • A good book: And then sometimes we just need to transport ourselves out of our own lives and into another world.
  • Certain movies: I have a few movies that I always turn to that cheer me up. These include Legally Blonde, Willow, and basically any of the old Disney classics.
  • Peace and quiet: This almost never happens and I try to enjoy it when it comes around.
  • Sense of accomplishment: The relief you feel after accomplishing goals (no matter how tiny) always seems to be a big comfort to me, especially on the hardest of days.
  • A completely clean house: Also very rare (hello, 4 year old chaos maker in the house!) but feels so good on the few occasions I get to enjoy it.
  • The smell of baked goods: A special treat that also makes the house smell good for hours.
  • C giggles: I love his true giggles. They bring not only comfort but joy. Something I need more of every day.

Your Greatest Comforts

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4 thoughts on “Your Greatest Comforts – 52 Lists (Week 2)

  1. Great list! I also find comfort in a clean home. Looking around right now, I can tell that I need to get up from under my blanket and get moving to tidy up 🙂 I, too, have never seen or heard of Willow.

    1. My home is often not fully clean (4 year olds have a funny way of making sure things don’t stay clean.) But every day I try to do enough to feel good about the little bit I can control and keep clean, lol.

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