Your Essentials – 52 Lists (Week 11)

Another game of catch up is under way. I am totally behind on the 52 Lists posts. But I still want to do them and catch back up. The first list to catch up on is Week 11: Your Essentials.

We are going beyond the obvious essentials (food, clothing, shelter, and a means to keep the bills paid) to find out what we truly need each day. So I’m going to try to dig deep and minimize what I think I need to function each and every day.

Your Essentials

Your Essentials

  • Modern conveniences: I’d like to think I can live without running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity, but I am not that well adjusted. Nor have I ever had to live without them. And unless the world was ending, they are essential to me.
  • Access to recipes: I am not a great cook, despite my best efforts. But I also have trouble remembering recipes that require more than a few ingredients/steps. Plus, I just like variety and need access to try new things.
  • Family: I need my family. They are my everything, my world, my heart, my motivation. Without them, I am not the best me. I can’t imagine being without them.
  • Books: I thought of putting the internet down as an answer, but I think I could live without it (don’t laugh or scoff at me for that statement.) But I really think that most things I use the internet for I could get from a book or from spending time with my family.
  • Health: There’s no way around it, it’s hard to survive without your health. I know I couldn’t keep going on if I were to suddenly lose what good health I still have. (Which is also why I’m striving to make it better than it is now.)

So what are your essentials? Link up by clicking the picture below!


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