Your Happiest Moments – 52 Lists (Week 26)

Somehow in my attempts to catch up, I managed to get my 52 Lists out of order. Oops! No worries. Nothing makes me happier than getting things put back in order. Which happens to pair nicely with this week’s theme: Your Happiest Moments.

Thinking back on life, there are a lot of happy moments. But I can probably count on one hand the ones that are my true happiest moments. And I’m willing to bet that most of you probably think the same way when you think hard enough about it.

Happiest Moments

Your Happiest Moments

  • Birth of My Son: Hands down the happiest moment of my life. Everything changed. There have been some bad days and some good days. But all these memories and learning moments have made this one of the happiest moments of my life.
  • Meeting Mr. H: I can honestly say I didn’t expect our chance meeting to lead to such an amazing relationship, especially since I wasn’t looking to be in one. But the day I met him completely changed my life and I’m not looking to let go of him for as long as he still loves me too.
  • Graduating High School: This time of my life had some ups and downs but it really brought on a fabulous new adventure. Without this adventure leading me to other countries and different states, I could not be where I am now. I like including this one because of what it led to, not necessarily that day in particular.
  • The Days When I Finally Let Go: Ok, yes, that sounds vague. And it is kind of and still will be. But there are two days when I remember finally letting go. Letting go of a bitter resentment that really held me down (not that I ever admitted it to anyone.) I apologized for my part in ending a friendship on bad terms and no longer held that resentment. (It felt sooooo good!) And finally letting go of not having a father in my life. I used to blame him for just about everything, but one day I realized that I really didn’t need him. I had everything I needed and I just let it go. Such a relief and it has made me so much happier to have those things released.

There, it did only take me one hand to count those and I still have one finger to spare, lol. What are your happiest moments? Check out other lists on 52 Lists by clicking the picture below.


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