Your July To-Do List – 52 Lists (Week 28)

We may already be ten days into July, but it’s never too late to share the July To-Do List (at least as long as it’s still July, lol.) And that is the perfect topic for Week 28 of 52 Lists. Summer is always great fun for us as we try to fill it with fun activities and vacation time!

The summer heat really kicks in during the month of July. And sometimes outside tasks can seem like a chore. But we live in the South and it’s just part of our life. It also means a lot of morning time activities despite not being a morning person. Otherwise, it just gets way too hot to be outside, except maybe to enjoy a Popsicle!

July To-Do List

  • Celebrate Mr. H’s birthday.
  • Vacation to my mom’s house.
  • Zoo trip for C. He keeps asking to go and we’ll do that while at my mom’s.
  • Check on and clean up garden.
  • More homeschool once vacation time is over.
  • Go swimming.
  • Go for walks.
  • More park time.
  • Eat Popsicles outside.
  • Make ice cream.
  • Get back on track with diet.
  • Start exercising regularly again.

What’s on your July To-Do List? If you’re enjoying 52 Lists, click the image below to check out the other lists in the series and play along!


52 lists with Olive & Plaid

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