Your Pet Peeves – 52 Lists (Week 25)

I’ve been putting off this post because my mood just hasn’t suited writing it. And even now, I’m not sure I have the right mindset. But I do want to get this done and keep up with my posts as vacation starts in just a few days. In preparing to write this post, I have to keep reminding myself to not get too annoyed thinking about my pet peeves.

Yes, this week’s list is your pet peeves. Needless to say, mine annoy me enough that thinking about them kind of ruins my current mood. So I put on a happy movie and I have a happy kiddo playing in front of me to keep me from going down that annoying path.

Pet Peeves

Chewing with your mouth open. Can’t stand it, drives me crazy, and it’s so rude! Generally, I just think there almost no excuses to not close your mouth while you chew your food.

Not properly using a turn signal. You can’t try to change lanes on top of me and get mad that I didn’t yield to you without a turn signal. And you can’t slow down to a near stop and turn without warning. It’s just rude.

Grinding teeth. The sound just completely grates on my nerves. I can’t take it!

Inability to have an adult disagreement without resorting to childish tactics. Like name-calling and swearing. There’s just no reason for it. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you can be polite about it.

Disrespect. Every person deserves respect. Every person is equal. We are all people, treat each other with some respect and the world will be a much nicer place.

Those are my biggest pet peeves. I’m sure I could probably list a lot more, but they are more minor personal every day things suited just to my home. What are your pet peeves? Do you like the 52 lists posts? Click the link below to see the coming list and make your own!


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